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Limit Textarea characters
Limit textarea number of characters using the following Javascript code
To limit the number of characters in a textarea control do the following:
- add the following Javascript code in your page
- add a text area whose name is 'cComment' as shown bellow

Javascript code:
<script language="javascript">
function checkNumberOfCharacters(theForm) {
var errorStr = "";
var maxlength = 255;
if (theForm.cComment.value.length > maxlength)
errorStr = "Warning!\nThe comment is too long.\nIt must be less than " + maxlength + " characters.";

if (errorStr) {
return false;
alert('The number of characters in the textarea is OK');
return false;

Html Code:
<form onsubmit="return checkNumberOfCharacters(this);">
<!-- add more controls if you like -->
<textarea name="cComment" cols="20" rows="3"></textarea>
<input type="submit" value="Check Number Of Characters">
Date: 2008-1-26    Written by: Jon Doe
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